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About Chartwell

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Our History

At the beginning of the new millennium Rebecca Korach Woan started Chartwell Insurance Services with the belief that the affluent and individuals of emerging wealth needed an insurance advocate who focused solely on the needs of those individuals, rather than as a sideline accommodation to commercial customers. Since that time Chartwell Insurance Services has become a widely respected insurance brokerage, with knowledgeable and experienced professionals, working with clients across America and overseas. We recognize that every client’s needs are unique, and so we have partnered with the best insurance companies that share that understanding, and are equally dedicated to the affluent and emerging affluent sector. Our team of insurance specialists are available to our clients who are experiencing an emergency at any hour. We are proud of our aggressive pursuit of solutions that are creative, flexible, and cost-effective. Each year the Chartwell holiday card features a quote from Winston Churchill, whose family home Chartwell graces the name of our practice and whose words continue to inspire us, "There is only one duty, one safe course, and that is to try to be right."