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Wildfire Protection Units

December 8, 2017

Willdfire protection units from insurers like Chubb and also AIG include resources to supplement firefighting efforts during wildfires.  There is no loss quite as devastating to a homeowner as a fire.

What is offered by this service? This is a complimentary resource. Chartwell clients have told us that the service has intelligence on the situation of the nearby fires that is more comprehensive and up to date than publicly available information. It’s a great comfort in a time of high stress. The service also has resources for pet boarding and temporary accommodations during evacuation.

Protective gel barriers may be sprayed on the home if the fires threaten the home. This complimentary service has saved some homes that otherwise may have been lost to fire as was reported in the Wall Street Journal and other publications. Click HERE to read more.
The gel is safely removed after the threat of fire has gone.

For more information about the Chubb Wildfire Defense please click HERE.