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What to do about Robocalls

July 5, 2018

Everyone complains about robocalls. They are intrusive and invasive and seem to ring at the most inconvenient times.  Did you know that you shouldn’t say anything because once scammers know a number is valid the number of calls might increase.   It’s hard to answer the phone without saying anything, but you can look at the caller id and wait for the caller to speak first. However, if you want to  file a complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry you’ll have to find out who they are and speak with them.  It’s a short 3-step process. Click here to start the process.

 Here’s an article from the Wall Street Journal if you want to learn more about services that are available. Nearly all of the call blocking services are only available for mobile phones.  To save you a step, we checked and the AT&T call protection is only available for mobile and digital phones but not landlines.  Click here to read more.