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New tips to help prevent Covid-19

March 17, 2020

Did you feel like you can’t read another piece about how to prevent Covid-19?  We give credit to NPR for showing us a new tip.  It involves an onion.  If you squeeze an onion after washing your hands and then touch your face you will smell the onion.  This might make you more aware of how often you touch your face.  And if you can avoid touching your face you can prevent the spread of Covid-19.  There is a side benefit too.  If you smell like onion you might encourage people around you to keep their social distance. 

It’s also helpful to know that soap and water is as effective as disinfectant to prevent the spread of Covid-19. And ultraviolet light is a disinfectant too.  Finally, we have a reason to be in the sun. 

Think of your cell phone as your third hand.  If you do this every time you wash your hands you will remember to sterilize your third hand.   Most people know soap and water won’t work on the iPhone unless you take your case off the phone and wash it separately.  It is unclear whether the hand phone sanitizers being sold are effective to prevent Covid-19. Learn how to disinfect your phone here. You can use most of the other methods you have heard about except solutions which contain bleach which generally is not recommended for iPhones. 

 We hope you these new tips will help you to stay well and maybe even provide some distraction.

corona pic