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Keyless ignition systems – the fatal risks

May 18, 2018

Automobile ignitions systems using a key are nearly a relic of the past and those who lament this have justification.  The keyless ignition system, activated by those handheld fobs are included in half of the 17 million vehicles sold in the US according to Edmunds, the auto information website.  The New York Times reports on the deadly consequences for nearly two dozen people nationwide and many others who have suffered injuries after a keyless-ignition vehicle was accidently left on in garages attached to homes resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning death and injuries. The exact number of deaths and injuries is uncertain and may be higher because no federal agency is required to keep track. And for anyone who has driven a car equipped with a keyless ignition, they know they must pay close attention before leaving the car.    Some newer car models are equipped with an automatic engine shutoff after a certain idling time, others will chime or activate warning  lights on the instrument panel if a driver exits the car with the fob.  However, this may not prevent accidents for those who leave their fobs in the cars which is never a good idea, no matter where you live.  Click here to read more.