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Is it really priceless?

May 8, 2018

We all hear the stories about the attic finds and flea market purchases that turn out to be lost masterpieces.  There is considerably less publicity on the dupes, those things that were purchased in good faith and turn out to be worthless.  Advances in scientific testing have made it easier to test paint samples and fragments of paper and material  to see if the item really dates back hundreds of years or has been made to look old instead.  Particularly challenging are antiquities because even after authenticity has been established, provenance must be as well.  Is there clear title to the works, or were they stolen from the country of origin?  It’s a note of caution to work with reputable dealers, to ask questions, and to consider purchasing title insurance or having a qualified attorney do a title search.  Enjoy the slide show and learn a few lessons at the same time. Click to read more here.