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Hurricane Proof Homes?

July 17, 2018

Hurricane proof home? Did you read correctly?  It’s not a guarantee but experience has demonstrated that better protected homes withstand windstorms and hurricanes better than unprotected homes. However, better building materials are not inexpensive and costs may increase by as much as 15%. This additional investment may pay off over time with less expensive storm damage and insurance premium credits for having better wind protection. High standard windows will withstand 174 mile-per hour winds as required by the Miami Dade building codes which are considered the most rigorous in the country for wind protection. There is a standard called “Fortified “ which exceeds the Miami Dade code and only 8,126 homes in the US have achieved that designation since 2008. Another improvement is construction using insulating concrete form which involves pouring concrete between stacked foam blocks.    Even changes in building shape can deflect hurricane-force winds.

As storms increase in severity and frequency house seekers should consider building standards when they construct, renovate and even consider the purchase of existing homes.

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