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Coronavirus and Travel

February 10, 2020

The coronavirus concerns many people, especially anyone who has plans to be in an airport or has a big trip coming up. 

 Chartwell Insurance Services offers a number of travel insurance options. From a per-trip option to annual travel plans through Chubb and Medjet.

If you are concerned about the outbreak of the virus and are otherwise healthy, unless you have purchased “cancel for any reason coverage” the only way your trip costs will be refunded to you is if a hotel closes or the tour operator cancels out of caution due to the virus or is ordered to by the government, or the airline suspends flights to the country. Currently most US airlines have temporarily halted flights to China. 

If you become ill with the virus (or any serious virus) before travelling or while traveling  and you purchased travel insurance you might not feel lucky, but you are probably eligible for your travel coverage benefits.

If you must travel here is some helpful advice from AARP and is relevant for anyone, not just folks over 60!

 Who knew that tray table is the biggest germ offender on the airplane, even worse than the bathrooms?  Apparently travelers should avoid the seat pocket which is described as a germ magnet and relatively easy to avoid. Store your personal items in your bag and avoid touching your face as much as possible.  Nail biters, if there ever was a reason to quit nibbling your nails, this is it. 

 Also avoid stress which compromises the immune system so allow enough time to arrive at the airport without any sense of panic.

 Don’t forget to travel with lots of hand sanitizer.  Another good reason to allow extra time at the airport – if you forget your sanitizer you will have time to purchase some at airport inflated prices!   

VIrus and planes