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Confronting human trafficking in the supply chains of the products we purchase

December 29, 2017

In a departure from the insurance topics that make up our blog we wanted to highlight a human rights issue.  Andrew Forest, the Australian founder of Fortescue Metals has not only ferreted out and abolished forced labor in his supply chain he has quantified the numbers to bring attention to this global problem which is often ignored or underestimated. It’s not just an ‘overseas’ issue.  My friend Laurel Bellows of the Bellows Law Group who as President of the American Bar Association made her platform about the awareness of eradication of human trafficking and co founded ISCI International Supply Chain Institute to work with corporations to assess supply chains , address recruitment policies and develop Codes of Conduct so that US companies can be in the front lines of the war against modern day slavery. Laurel estimates there are 16,000 women in Chicago at risk of sexual exploitation. There is so much work to be done worldwide and here at home. Click HERE for the full article.