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Caring for Aging Parents

February 18, 2020

Be prepared for a medical emergency with a loved one.  While we don’t place health insurance or disability insurance (although we do know specialists who excel in this area) at Chartwell spend a lot of time thinking about preparing for emergencies. The following piece authored by Altair Advisers is full of practical advice, resources and checklists for anyone who is a caregiver or wants to contemplate the difficult subject of aging and end of life care.  Ask yourself if you have medical power of attorney for everyone in your immediate family over the age of 18 and how to evaluate who should be appointed the health care agent.  Learn about resources that are available for care before an emergency happens and how to assemble a care team.

 There is a lot of valuable information included in eleven pages and we highly recommend this to anyone who is pressed for time, overwhelmed or simply curious about how to approach the topic of preparation. Read more here.