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Burglars Are Following You on Facebook

September 13, 2019

You can take the old school precautions of turning on lights and cancelling the newspaper delivery and mail while you are away from home but the internet may give you away. This Wall Street Journal article is a good reminder about how Facebook and Instagram may reveal more about your life to people who shouldn’t see it, even if your accounts are private.  Keep in mind that when you signup for a publicly available bridal registry all the details of a wedding are made public. For that matter anyone who uses an out of office email is also unwittingly giving notice to anyone who might have their email address.  What is the solution?  We offer a few ideas:  Perhaps a house sitter although we don’t want to put anyone at risk.  Speak with your local police district representatives in advance. Be sure your alarm is activated.  Remove all jewelry from the home and leave costume jewelry so the thieves will have something to steal if they do break in.  And try to keep a low profile on anything on social media. Read more here.