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  • moving-to-chicago?

    Moving to a new city means you have to establish a new set of connections that help keep your home and your family functioning. Our home base is Chicago and we know a lot about the people who work here. We have a built a database of top-notch service providers and businesses based on recommendations from clients which we are happy to share. Read more

    In today’s global economy it is not uncommon for corporate executives to be relocated almost anywhere around the world. At Chartwell Insurance Services we appreciate that living overseas for an extended period can be difficult as well as exciting. Read more

    There is a tendency to label as a flood any water damage to a home. The insurance companies that insure the majority of our home include coverage for burst pipes and backup of sewer and drain – the types of occurrences that are mistakenly called floods. Read more

    Group Personal Excess Liability (GPEL) insurance allows employing organizations (corporations, LLCs and LLPs) to offer key employees including executives and owners, directors, and partners the option to purchase high limits of personal excess liability (umbrella) coverage on a group basis at favorably negotiated rates. Read more
  • Workers compensation

    Most states have laws requiring employers to provide workers compensation insurance for any full-time employees, including domestic employees . Although some states do not require workers compensation insurance for part-time employees, the employer can still be held responsible for injuries sustained while the employee is working. Read more
  • Commercial Insurance for Small Businesses

    From art galleries, art dealers, art consultants, artists, interior designers and graphic artists to service businesses and consultants and non-profits, Chartwell Insurance Services understands the risks and has access to the markets that provide this coverage. Read more
  • Art Title Insurance

    Just as you purchase title insurance to confirm clear title to a home purchase it is now possible to have that same assurance when you purchase fine works of art.  As the values of artworks have increased, so has litigation contesting ownership of art.  Read more

  • Travel Insurance

    Chartwell Insurance Services is now offering travel insurance through AIG Travel Guard.  The program is offered per trip and includes broad coverage including cancel for any reason.  Travel insurance must be booked within 30 days of making a deposit on a trip.
The CAC Chartwell Collectors Circle is a dynamic group of emerging and established collectors who share a strong interest in art and supporting Chicago’s role as an arts capital.
EXPO Chicago
Chartwell Insurance Services Continues Our Sponsorship of Expo Chicago
Chartwell Insurance Services continues our sponsorship of Expo Chicago 2016, the International Exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art, at Festival Hall, Navy Pier from September 22-25, 2016.